Divi Dead

Melodic Death Metal

When the matter of Melodic Death Metal comes at that time people generally thinks that this music is listened by those who are annoyed and irritated.

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Scientific Research

But on the contrary, while considering the scientific research it is proved that this music makes the person be calm rather than bringing stimulation of annoyance and violence.

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The band

In addition to that, it decreases stress and enhances positivity. The band started by establishing a set of covers, before working on their own compositions.

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Dividead is a French Melodic Death Metal band which saw the light of day in April 2006 when Guillaume (drums) met Thibaud (guitar). Fabien (keyboards), who played previously with Guillaume in a Prog Metal band joined them, as well as Eric (bass) and Jeff (guitar) who both played with Thibaud in his preceding Heavy/Thrash Metal Band. Only a few weeks later Pierre (vocals) joined Dividead to complete the line-up. The band started by establishing a set of covers, before working on their own compositions… They played their first concerts in the French Riviera area before Jeff left the band for professional reasons. He was replaced by Barba, a friend of Guillaume… In March 2007 the first EP was recorded. Dividead’s music is inspired by Scandinavian bands such as Dark Tranquillity, Kalmah, Mors Principium Est, Insomnium and so on… It mixes Death, Thrash and Heavy Metal, with a permanent will to combine aggression and melody. Their brutal sound is associated with the melodic and harmonic aspects which are prominent in each and every Dividead composition. In early 2008 Dividead went to the studio again in order to record their first full length album called « Exile » which was released in the fall 2011. In the same time, Pierre announced his departure from the band. He’s now replaced by frontwoman Rachel since early 2012. A new page in Dividead’s story and sound is coming. A few months later Rachel announced his departure from the band. Today We’re writing our new album, then we’ll search for a new singer. You’ll find our new music on Loudup and Last.fm.

The artists need to be that much talented to deal with the melodic bass sounds, drumming rudiments and shredding. In addition to that playing the Melodic Death Metal involves high complex music with lots and lots of vocal technicalities. This indicates the requirement of a highly talented artist to play the Melodic Death Metal.

Generally, the Melodic Death Metal provides the music that helps in exploring the depth of the philosophy. The wide depth of the politics and religion are also very well reflected through this type of music. The artists who want to go for this Melodic Death Metal are possibly the bunch of talented maniacs. It is just because the playing the guitar riffs is not an easy job.